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Oh my Gosh – are all Americans stupid?

I was travelling by Aeroplane back from Austria and had this American woman in front of me. She unfortunately started a conversation with her German or Austrian neighbour in american English, that everybody at the plane seemed to listened to. Had to listen to, I should say.

I can not remember when it started, if it was 5 or 10 years ago that all Americans started saying „basically“ about three times in a sentence. A very nice phrase they add is „At the end of the day“, just to give their chitchat more of a relevance. It is also very amusing to hear that „This is funny, cause…“ or „This is interesting…“ meaning that they do not believe a word of what the other one is saying.

The real nightmare begins when an american woman close to her wedding (this is what it was all about) starts giggling „Oh my Gosh….“, „This is so funny,…“. American language is terrible anyway but the skum they speak nowadays is just discusting. To repeat „basically“ about three times a sentence doesn´t make things a lot better. Language really reflects culture, doesn´t it?

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  1. Holger Ehrlich sagt

    Oh ja, das tut es! Mein Freund Michael nennt die Amerikaner Plastikhohlköpfe. Treffender kann man es kaum sagen.

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